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This Website is odd collection of blogs and pages for everything from wine making, beer brewing, the beverage industry, technology, astronomy, science, skepticism, software and any other random though or activity that goes through my mind at that time.

Right now it is a loose collection of blogs, forums, odd software, pages and a handful of wine related calculators, but give it time! You can help it evolve into a helpful site for what you want. Feel free to comment and say what you like or don't like.

Who knows what may happen.

~ OpenFermenter ~

Lost in Translation (an international game of Telephone)

I was inspired, or maybe obsessed, by a poorly translated fortune in a fortune cookie. It as obviously a very profound phrase, I assume, prior to being translated into English. But now, it was odd.

Reinheitsgebot be Damned

As far as I am concerned, the Reinheitsgebot, or the "German Beer Purity Law", can go take a hike.

Old World Spirits, New World business plans

This ain't your fathers gin.

Close your eyes and picture a successful distillery and maker of fine spirits. If you see, in your minds eye, a huge distillery/factory that churns out gallons and gallons of well drinks, you missed the part where I said "Fine" spirits.   If you are picturing a large copper still, nestled in a stone and brick building, surrounded by fields of grain the for mash or rolling vineyards for the brandy, well, your still not picturing the new breed of distillery.

Apparently, I wasn't ready for 2010

My last blog entry was all about being done with 2009, ready for 2010, and not feeling the need to set any New Years resolutions. I felt that I was ready to tackle 2010 head on and be so completely productive that the World would be my oyster .

Well, judging by the fact that it has been 35 days since that post, and my first entry since then is this one, describing how I have not posted anything, I would have to say that 2010 might need a reboot f0r me.

2009 was a full year. Now I am ready for 2010

I was looking back over my end of year post last year. (blog post) It listed things that I accomplished, things I failed to accomplish, and a bunch of things that didn’t really fit into either category.  After looking over last year and comparing it to this year, I realize that they could almost me the same year!

Wine and Food Pairing. You are probably here by mistake.

I need to rant a bit, so bear with me. But first, let me just let everyone know that if you came here to find out what wine goes with what food, you are probably at the wrong place.

A fantastic dish, complimented by a wine that seems to fit it like a glove is rare, but when you find it, is an experience you will not soon forget. Where things get crazy is when people start coming up with simple rules of what wines go with which food.

Corked! (the movie)

After waiting for the arrival of the new mockumentary Corked! to show near me, and after the friendly twitter prodding from the producer to convince me that it would be worth putting off seeing Food, Inc in order to see his film first, I went to the independent film’s San Jose debut last night at the downtown Cinema 3. I am so very glad I did. Distribution of Corked!, limited as it is, probably meant that I might not get another chance to see the film before it comes out on DVD, while Food, Inc comes with a preset following and will be showing in the area for a while.

Winemakers Make Things You Can Hold

I think back growing up in the 70’s. My dad was true renaissance man in my eyes. He was a mechanic, a plumber, an electrician, a rancher, a teacher, and a fireman. He could fix anything. He had a garage full of tools and he taught me to use them all. Our trucks always had mud caked on them from our ranch where we grew grapes and citrus. I learned to drive on a Ford 400 tractor and at the end of the day, after spending time doing things on the ranch, I was tired and slept like a log.

The Beverage industry doesn't need to be recession proof, just resistant.

The common Wisdom has always been that the beverage industry, beer, wine and liquor, is recession proof. That when times get bad, people drown their sorrows in adult beverages. Well, that common belief seems to be wrong, on the whole. Maybe this recession is just worse than the last few we have had. Maybe it is hitting more broadly across the demographics. Maybe the past is not a good predictor of the future. Or, maybe the pundits and economists don't know what the heck they are talking about. Maybe the answer is "E": All of the Above.

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